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We exist to generate prosperity for our region by connecting people and goods around the globe. Together with our port community we will continue to deliver prosperity to our region through supply chain innovation, job creation, efficient and effective infrastructure, and through our global connections.

We have the enviable position of being the gateway between Northern Australia and global markets. As a diverse commodity Port, we are currently handle around 8 million tonnes of trade worth $10 billion a year. We take our role in connecting industry in our region to global markets very seriously. We have well established supply chain connections between the sea, highway and railway, making us ideally suited for widespread global market access for our region.

By being innovative, forward planning and working with our partners we will be able to grow our Port in a sustainable way.

We must be ready to meet the needs of our customers, providing them with an efficient and effective service to help them grow their business and contribute to the prosperity of the region for decades to come.

We will focus on three key areas to deliver value for our customers and shareholders and create prosperity for the region: 

  • We will be the Smart Port of Choice
  • We will deliver capacity for growth
  • We will be a safe and secure port



  • We will achieve >10 million tonnes of trade and facilitate economic value of $40 billion over five years
  • We will invest $300 million over five years to improve capacity and efficiencies and encourage trade growth
  • We will achieve zero harm for our people and deliver a 20% improvement on our critical infrastructure resilience index


  • We will facilitate economic value of more than $700 billion over 30 years
  • We will deliver the $1.6 billion Port Expansion over 30 years in line with trade needs
  • We will have a zero harm Port community and will achieve the highest critical infrastructure resilience index rating


"We will keep generating prosperity for our region by connecting people and goods around the globe".

Drew Penny
Chief Operating Officer