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We operate in one of the most unique and diverse environments in the world. On the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, our local ecosystems present biodiversity at its best.

For nearly 30 years we have monitored our local environment and partnered with scientific and research organisations to understand and share knowledge from Cleveland Bay including water quality, seagrass health and hydrodynamics. The Channel Upgrade project has seen an expansion of our monitoring into coral, inshore dolphins, shorebirds and marine megafauna.

As Great Barrier Reef Ports, we appreciate that climate change is a significant threat to the Great Barrier Reef and are committed to being climate positive by 2050. We will invest in renewable energy and deliver smart and sustainable infrastructure using our precious resources efficiently. By working together as a Port community, we can make a positive difference for the unique and sensitive environment that we operate in.

We will focus on three key areas to protect and improve the planet:

  • We will take action on climate change
  • We will support healthy reefs and ecosystems
  • We will be a showcase of industry-leading best practices



  • We will be carbon neutral for our own operations and will have 100% renewable energy use
  • We will undertake two Port catchment area improvement projects to reduce sediment loss
  • We will establish an emissions reduction program to reduce Port emissions by 10%


  • We will be a climate positive Port community and we will have planted 1,000,000 more trees
  • We will partner on 10 Reef 2050 Initiatives
  • We will be a water positive, zero waste Port community and reduce Port emissions by 50% from our baseline


“We will create a sustainable port by respecting the unique environment that we operate in”

Marissa Wise
General Manager Infrastructure & Environment