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Our people are the heart and soul of our business.  Their passion and pride have been the foundation of our Port’s success story.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of people who bring our values and vision to life and we are eager to build on this into the future.

We already recognise the outstanding achievements of our people through our annual Employee Excellence Awards and provide our people with unlimited access to ongoing development through our online learning portal.  We also offer a range of employee benefits including flexible working arrangements, capability to work from home and generous health and wellbeing programs.  We value our people’s opinions and give them avenues to voice those opinions such as our employee engagement surveys and our Employee Working Group.

We will build on our current initiatives and implement new ones to ensure that our people are equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Our people are our greatest asset, and we know that our future success relies on them to allow our Port to thrive.  We must take every opportunity to provide our people with the ability to perform at the highest standard and empower them to create a workplace where they can all thrive.

We will focus on three key areas that will create the kind of place where people want to be and can be their best:

  • We will be an Employer of Choice
  • We will develop talent
  • We will have a high performing culture



  • We will achieve ISO Diversity and Inclusion accreditation and 100% of our people feel included
  • We will achieve ISO Learning and Development accreditation and we will make Career Development Plans available for all of our people
  • We will transition our culture to adopt principles of design-centred thinking and human-centred design with at least 20% of our employees certified


  • We will reflect the diversity of the community in our workforce and ensure 100% of our people feel included
  • We will be recognised for our Learning and Development Framework and our Commitment to Lifelong Learning
  • We will have embedded the principles of design-centred thinking and human-centred design with over 90% of our employees certified


"We are empowering our people to be their very best"

David Sibley
Chief Financial Officer