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We have served the people and industries of Northern Queensland since 1864. We understand that creating jobs and economic growth are essential ingredients for a vibrant community. However, we strive to do more.

We have a long history in supporting community and charity groups in our region. Over the past decade we have provided more than $1 million in donations and sponsorships as well as many volunteering hours for worthy causes. We ensure we stay connected with our community, providing Port tours for thousands of school children, community groups and businesses to enable them to see our operations firsthand. Our Port Open Days attract ten thousand visitors to our wharfs and our cruise ship markets at Quayside terminal are loved by locals and tourists.

We will help improve the lives of the communities where we operate by creating job opportunities, generating economic value, connecting people, growing tourism and local industries, and developing waterfront places that are loved by all. We have contributed to shaping the identity of Townsville and North Queensland since 1864 and we will continue doing so well into the future.

We are your Port. Your community is our community.

We will focus on three key areas to give back and make a positive difference to our communities:

  • We will be a good neighbour
  • We will build strong communities and partnerships
  • We will create vibrant waterfront destinations



  • We will deliver improvements in social impact and will increase Port green space to 100,000m2
  • We will support five local projects through our Port Community Fund over five years
  • We will deliver at least one new waterfront destination project and see five million people visit the Port waterfront over five years 


  • We will deliver a 50% improvement in our social impact index
  • We will have supported $5 million in local projects through our Port Community Fund over 30 years
  • We will have transformed 10 hectares of our waterfront lands and 40 million will visit the Port waterfront over 30 years


"We want to make valuable contributions to North Queensland’s wonderful way of life and ensure the wellbeing of our communities"

Claudia Brumme-Smith
General Manager Business Strategy & Sustainability