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The Port of Townsville has been actively shaping the future of Townsville and North Queensland for over 150 years.

Our story began with two entrepreneurs who were eager to unlock the economic potential of Northern Australia just as the pastoral and mining industries were being established in the new colony of Queensland. A reliable port was vital in getting their product to market and in 1864 they had established the ‘Port of Thuringowa’ (now the Port of Townsville), along with a cattle yards, wool store, wharf and boiling down works. Road and rail infrastructure soon followed, and the Port has been providing essential services to the people in our region ever since. We played a vital role in Australia’s World War II efforts, we underwent dramatic upgrades to support our region’s growing trade in the 1950s and 60s and we have proudly and consistently helped to develop Townsville’s resilient economy, vibrant lifestyle and ever-changing skyline.

Today, the Port of Townsville supports 8,000 jobs, services a catchment area population of nearly 800,000 people in Northern Australia with general freight, and connects people and goods across the globe. Over the next 30 years, our Port Expansion Project will see our biggest transformation yet. The Expansion will ensure that we can keep meeting the needs of our community by remaining internationally competitive; but construction is only part of the picture and we know that what we do and how well we do it on a daily basis is important too.

That is why we have developed our Port Vision 2050 – an ambitious and achievable blueprint for the Port’s next 30 years of operations.

We are striving to world leading port sustainability by combining efficient operations with social responsibility and innovative environmental practises. As a major gateway to our region’s international trading effort, we recognise that we need to be a leader in growth, innovation, and economic contribution.

We are planning ahead and taking action now to ensure all current and future developments at the Port contribute to the bigger picture while considering the impacts on our planet, our community, our people and our future prosperity.

We are proud to share our 2050 vision with you and we hope you will share our commitment to creating a world-leading port that continues to advance North Queensland’s beautiful environment, abundant business opportunities and enviable way of life.